owwhh fuck it..i’m not going..

hellotoday is her day. anyway, first and foremost.


well, i know it’s not that original and it’s kinda rip off and tomorrow is the actually birthday but at least i did try something right? :p

just wanted to let you know that i wish you from the deepest of my heart. as desperately i wanted to wish in person but i think better i post it up here since you’re not really happy with appearence any where near your sight. no intention applied. just a wish.

wish all the best in life with happiness, prosperity and happy ending just like in fairy tales. wish you have today every year, every life time.

anyway, i’m hungry now and you’re suppose to have a surprise party right? your brother invited me but i say i can’t be there because of ‘work’. it will broke his heart but it’s better that way. have fun!!


owh, before i forget.. here’s a song. thanks for reading. [if she read my blog.]

“masih ada yang tercantik, itu kamu.” v(^.^)


One Response to “owwhh fuck it..i’m not going..”

  1. exit, stage right even hehehe

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