the help that not appreciated

it was one fine evening of Friday where weekends is here and rain are no where near to be seen.


‘the real fugly’

Fugly: now.. this go here.. and.. this here.. hahaa!! i’m almost revealing her undies!! fucking awesome puzzle.. here..

*door opens*

Fugly: EIH!! welcome back bitch!! dude, you got to play this hentai shit. it can d-

kaesen: shut the fuck up and give me a rest will ya? i have a bad moment right now.

Fugly: wtf? what happened? haven’t finish your work? your boss giving you a hard time? crash your car?

kaesen: … *grab towel and head out*

Fugly: oi!! answer me will ya, bitch?!


Beebee: leave him alone. he got serious shit happening. he will make up to it.

Fugly: seriously, what happened? usually he will fight back when i’m being a bitch.

Beebee: well, he help a friend by sending the sister to fencing class but the friend unable to join him so she ask the ex go instead. so, you can guess what happened there.

Fugly: oOOoowwhh.. no wonder that infected train tunnel of his being smelly. so what happened really?

Beebee: okay, here’s the short story. SMS receive asking for help, he agree no questions asked, reach there, another story. the friend can’t make it, the ex replace with a friend of her’s, say nothing, won’t say anything, reach destination, extra errand which suppose to be told earlier, the ex being a bitch, he get angry, try to run over a car but FORTUNATELY there’s no car or else i won’t be talking to you, reach the extra errand destination, pick up, send to fencing then send the ex home. all the way, the ex say nothing but being a bitch. he can be a bigger bitch but NooOOOoo~ he act it cool and keep it like nothing happen.

Fugly: and why are you in the car? i thought that none of us should be there?

Beebee: are you crazy? i’m the only ‘trait’ that he can’t put it down. all squishy and lovable. but unfortunately no one noticeĀ  me.


Richard: yea, she is right. most of the people see him as a ‘monster’ who doesn’t have life. wait. he don’t have a life. hahahaa!! fucking loser!! but i do hate that girl. she should stop being a bitch and at least help up a little.

Beebee: you’re suppose to be giving support to him, not giving more shit to make him more depress.

Richard: i did!! i offer him some smoke but decline. what else i can do?

Beebee: *roll eyes*

Fugly: anyway, that guy need serious help. if someone doesn’t show up now to help, he is finished. sadly to say, i don’t see anyway chances he would survive with all this situation.

Beebee: call up General Ans. ask him to bring him out of this house first thing in the morning. hopefully that can be the first step to put out the fire.

Richard: on it. *dial phone* yo Ans! can you bring the bastard to a morning jog? it could help him loosen up a bit.


Richard: okay, it’s planned. everything will be fine. don’t worry too much as we can make him better day by day.


2 Responses to “the help that not appreciated”

  1. hey, you should make a short story like this. fun to read. hang in there bro. be among friend and channel what ever you have to some good news like go swimming with fugly hahaha šŸ˜‰

  2. hahaa.. yea, the idea came when stuck in the traffic driving home. still hanging around so don’t worry. šŸ™‚

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