End of March


..in April. busy is the only word in my brain right now. shit falling, dumb work, fucked up relationship, rotten politicaly shit.. etc.  so let see now, i wrote 13 posts in March which is an average posts in a month. mostly about my relationship related and recently i made a story about myself. me, kaesen; Fugly, my foul mouthed playboy turtle ; Richard, my father’s pet lizard 7 years back; Beebee, the neighbour’s white cat; and General Ans which having his Military around my house. all of them represent a bit of me so that’s why i made them up. 🙂

.:: Health ::.


well, i got a new idea to  start this shit. morning jog around the neighbourhood!! hahaa!! progress? 0%

.:: Work ::.

not-now-im-busybusy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. [that’s all i can say and it’s no fun.]

.:: Leisure ::.


Rafting plan seems a bit rocky now. everyone was bsuy with work so i don’t think the plan is going to end well. anyway, let’s no despair wash the spirit away!!

.:: Playing Bass ::.

gsr395well, nothing special. practice and practice and practice. my lead guitarist is planning to a whole new song list which is my kind of songs but all of them are hard to pay in bass. so what’s the planning now? get the list and start practicing!! hahaa. and the about the fund for buying new bass is running currently. the fund now is Rm200!! hah!! the price for the guitar is around Rm1300 and the amp cost Rm450. so that’s make it Rm1550 more to go. die~ oh ya, my model target is GSR 395. wish me luck!!

.:: Blogging ::.

well, what can i say? everything is fine. some times i got a lot of readers, some times none. i wonder if she read my blog as much as i read her’s?

.:: Love Life ::.


well, trying to keep myself with happiness instead of thinking about her. her birthday fall on this month. i was invited to her birthday but i didn’t go as she doesn’t want to see me in her sight. so fuck it and i lied about being busy. for now, i keep collecting myself more candidate for the next ‘Life’ that inspire me. nothing much i can do except go out and have fun. for now, there are a few of them but it doesn’t seems to spark more. we just wait and see, aight?

.:: Financial ::.


somewhat stable but still, i have alot to buy. example, car paint, guitar, amplifier, new phone, new PSP.. etc. seems like i’m really need a jackpot right now. i know muney can’t buy you happiness but without them, you can’t do a shit nowadays. let’s hope there’s a muney rain into my pocket.

i guess this month is not really a good good month. haiz. anyway, onward to April!!


2 Responses to “End of March”

  1. what? no rafting? NOO!!!!

  2. not confirm yet so you can say so.. haiz.. heart broken..

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