best shit for April 08, 2009

it was around 6.25pm where kaesen is about to reach home. Fugly was downloading some stuff from Internet.


Fugly: fuck!! fuck!! fuck!! come on!! you were going 105kB/s just now!! please don’t slow down on me!!

Richard: yo wtf are you upset about?

Fugly: i was downloading Saaya Irie’s photobook using torrent. it was going neck breaking speed but now it’s dead. FUCK!!

Richard: you mean the 11 year old bitch with F cup size bewbs? wtf shit weak!! what are you? some kind of Pedophilia or something?

Fugly: what? a ‘man’ can’t enjoy all those lovely pictures is it? besides, it’s not like i’m stalking or something. it’s a model displaying her curve.

Richard: you’re a sick pervert are ya? wait till kaes’ is back and see what he will say.


*door open and kaesen come in while Beebee go straight to bed for a nap*

kaesen: *smiles* hey guys! what’s up?

Richard & Fugly: (O.O)

Richard: dude, did he just smile? or i smoke too much weed?

Fugly: i don’t know and i thought my brain going haywire due to download frustration.

kaesen: fuck you guys. anyway, guess what happened today? 😀

Fugly: ermm.. you finally getting laid?

kaesen: nope.

Richard: you finally have the guts to try weed?

kaesen: eiih.. nope..

Fugly: some bitch finally confess to you!! hah!!

kaesen: ermm.. i do wish for that too but nope.. try again.

Richard: you ground and pound some bad ass dude till he beg for mercy but you keep on punching him till he is dead..

Fugly: then a bitch came and let you grab her boobs for saving her.

kaesen: first off, it would be an honour if i can ground and pound some bastard. secondly, i don’t think there’s a chicas would let me touch their boobs for saving.

Fugly: well, there goes our gay boy in action.

kaesen: fuck!! okay here’s the shit. i was driving home. unstable, tired and beaten to the bones by daily life stress that i used to have. halfway driving down the old road, there’s this Kelisa in front of me with baby girl in an adult’s arm at the back of the car. without realizing, she was waving at me. she waving to say hello or something and that alone take all my stress away. i wave back and before you know it, she reach out her hand. that would be the cutest kid that i ever saw since.. i don’t really remember but hell it does make me feel that someone out there do care. then i wave back before the car turn to small junction and she wave again to say goodbye.

* long pause*

Fugly: that’s it? no flashes, cleavage or panties?

Richard: *smack forehead* don’t tell me you’re a Pedophilia too.  she’s a fucking child!! a baby!! WTF!!?

kaesen: NO!! i’m NOT a fucking Pedophilia. they are so innocent and cute. they can make you smile with their cuteness, you know? besides, you guys know i love kids, right?


Beebee: forget about them, Sen. they don’t understand about kids’ cuteness. i understand how cute they are.. sometimes.

kaesen: never mind. people might just judge my book by my cover anyway. off i go to wash my dirt!!

Richard: he just don’t admit he is isn’t he?

IMPORTANT NOTES: for i did not claim to own any of the images uploaded in this blog. all images are ripped from image search through out the Internet. thank you.


2 Responses to “best shit for April 08, 2009”

  1. hahahaha you crack me up hahaha

  2. glad i did. 🙂
    the new life of the blog.

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