i love my 3rd nickname

got a tag from Paival. well, basicly he is my tag pusher. hahaa!! i almost forget about this tag since i read it. anyway, here it is!


#A: Three Names I go by

1. kaesen – most common after i refering them to call me that way
2. sen – well, short for my name.
3. sensen – a friend create for me as a cute calling.

#B: Three Jobs I have had in my life

1. Petrol Station Cashier
2. General Worker/Store Worker
3. Draftperson/Deputy IT Administrator

#C: Three Places I have lived

1. Taman Jumbo – still in my mum’s womb
2. Telipok – 5 months
3. Putatan – 22 years until today

#D: Three TV Shows that I watch

1. ..
2. ..
3. ..

#E: Three places I have been

1. Kudat
2. Sarawak
3. Manila

#F: People that e-mail me regularly

1. Paival
2. Ah Lieh
3. Onee Chan

#G: Three of my favourite foods

1. Grill
2. Black Pepper sauce
3. Foods

#H: Three things I would like to do

1. mastering fingerboard fingers
2. snowboard
3. car cruise Sabah

#I: Three friends I think will respond.

1. i don’t know
2. i don’t know
3. i don’t know

#J: Things I am looking forward to

1. Bass Guitar Fund
2. new ‘life’ is possible
3. unplanned vacation


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