being busy


.. sucks. you don’t have time to have fun, rest or even to at least have a good night sleep. that’s how my life have been since last 2 weeks.

anyway,  here’s a decent post for today. most of the post i did a week ago was updating a post. which kinda not promising since i didn’t really update day by day. more like skip a day and replace it the next day with 2 update at once. i’m very tired, frustrated, confused, annoyed, blah blah blah, blah blah blah..

okay, enough of those crap. last weekend, i went to this Monsopiad Culture Village [MCV] where i suppose to acompany my sister to take some photograph of traditional tattooing for her school project. she been there like few times for the shot but no success. so this time, i go with her. here’s some shoot of the place.


“to the bridge!!”dsc03182-smalldsc03183-smalldsc03185-smalldsc03163-smalldsc03167-small

“wait.. is it ready yet? hahaa..”dsc03169-smalldsc03207-smalldsc03184-smallgong-player

“there some music too once awhile.”the-shieldskull

“and not forgeting the famous skulls!! collection of them.”dsc03235-small


and next thing you know, here i am. laying on the couch while the guy doing his job.dsc03288-small

hahaa. yesh, it’s true i’m there laying down and getting inked.



“blood!! all the blood!!”dsc03305-small

and here’s the finished job. hehee. no one suppose to know this but what the heck. it’s not like only criminal suppose to have it, right? anyway, i need a quick nap and have a nice day people!


8 Responses to “being busy”

  1. how much it cost?

  2. owhh.. sorry for not mentioning that..
    it cost me Rm200 but you can discuss with him to reach the amount that both agree on..

  3. very nice…affordable 2…but y cicak?haha

  4. well, Lizard have a lot of meaning on it.
    some see it as a monster, disgusting and geli kinda stuff kan?
    but to some, it’s something else.

    its “sun-seeking habit symbolizes the soul’s search for awareness.” to the Romans, who believed it hibernated, the lizard meant death and resurrection. symbolizes the soul searching for light.

    well, whatever it is, cantik ka? hehee..

  5. uiyo…very meaningful…cantik! murah eh…my fren rm300 p buat yg kici2 ja

  6. hohoo.. gila.. 3 or more colour ka?
    sometimes is because of colour use.

  7. manada…plain…urs got yg white punya ka…i like

  8. white? ermm.. mine black and grey..
    and mimang detail la he do. show you when there’s a chance. 😛

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