what will happen when you run the red light?


well,  i’m very sure every drivers out there have done this before but what would happen? accident of course when shit happens. but how worst it is?

dsc00068dsc01229dsc01230dsc01231where it happened? when did it happen?

well, me and my friends were having some time drinking and filling out tummy after jammy session around 12.30am on Friday night, April 17, 2009. we ate at Foh Sang near the traffic light. we where having fun chatting and joking and all of a sudden we heard a explosion sound from the traffic light around 1.30am. a loud explosion then the sound of the horn for kinda long time. then we run off to the place to see what happen.

what really happened?

a Suzuki Swift was driving fast try to run the red light at night, hoping that he can pass it safely. it was really fast according my friend which happen to be facing the traffic light. in the same time, the Toyota Hilux was making a U-turn or making a turn from traffic light to the right towards Damai. as predicted, the Suzuki Swift unable to brake in time, ram toward the left side of the Hilux, pushing it from original position around 3-4m [13.3ft] away. the engine of the Suzuki Swift exploded and leaving a pool of engine oil on the ground. luckily both of them are still alive, unhurt except bruises and no blood. my friends were running to the place as people are gathered around and try to help. around 30 minutes onward, the ambulance and policemen came, clean it up and wrap up for the night. both of them did wear safety belt and the air bag did help the Suzuki Swift driver from smashing his head on the steering wheel.

so the lessons here, don’t drive too fast, run the red light even if it’s early in the morning where you don’t expect much car on the road. seriously, you can’t never too careful about these stuff.

IMPORTANT NOTES: picture courtesy from Mink Muchioggy and Caprey Lance.


2 Responses to “what will happen when you run the red light?”

  1. astaga.. nice lagi tu.. hahaa!!
    but seriously, drive safely.

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