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missing someone syndrome?

Posted in my life on May 31, 2009 by Kaesen

Result of Stress

what do call a person who try to forget about a person but in the same time misses someone and didn’t even try to? well, i don’t know what does it call but i know it’s really pain in the ass. another matter unsolved. anyway, another month have passes and we’re entering June where most of the student having holidays and those who are working still working like a dog by days and sleep like a log by night.

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eat my own word

Posted in my life on May 25, 2009 by Kaesen

loggerhead shrikei was trying to search my own name using google search engine. for some reason, people are searching my name. interested or just to bug me? i don’t know. but i do hope the person searching my name are for updated info about me instead of using it against me. anyway, while i doing doggy search between the pile, i found an old post by a friend of mine, Papams. i read it back what she posted back then.

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the night out

Posted in my life on May 21, 2009 by Kaesen

pup point

the door slam shut and there kaesen exciting showing everyone what he just bought when he went out for a break for work.

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all the pretty masks

Posted in my life on May 17, 2009 by Kaesen

masks1os0he went out yesterday for a jamming session with his fellow band mates. all of them were having great time chatting after jamming. it was 3.00am in the Sunday morning where send few of his band mate home. once he drop off his last friend home,  his face turned from a smile to a pathetically inadequate. he reached home at 4.00am.

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Posted in my life on May 14, 2009 by Kaesen

One of my favorite musical anecdotes:

A famous violinist performed yet another brilliant concert. After the concert a woman backstage said to the violinist, “Sir, I would give my life to play like you play.” The violinist replied, “Ma’am, I did.”

Practicing is a necessary sacrifice you are going to have to make if you want to play bass and be a musician.

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End Of April

Posted in my life on May 7, 2009 by Kaesen

redfox..came crushing down through the dumb fuck stupid management being an asshole, creating problems trying to make me be the sacrifice to all mighty upper superior for his own benefit. how fucked is that? don’t he have a life to lead? oooppss.. he don’t btw. nothing but about using people and crushing them when they are useless. talking about latest gadgets, cars, super cars, babies, laptops, phones, software.. blah blah blah.. [i could go on for thousand of pages about it and still none of it he know best.]
anyway, enough that bastard. it’s not worth talking about him anyway. he just drop dead loser who don’t have a life competing for nothing. let’s talk about how do i wanna wrap up this shit as always.

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