End Of April

redfox..came crushing down through the ground.my dumb fuck stupid management being an asshole, creating problems trying to make me be the sacrifice to all mighty upper superior for his own benefit. how fucked is that? don’t he have a life to lead? oooppss.. he don’t btw. nothing but about using people and crushing them when they are useless. talking about latest gadgets, cars, super cars, babies, laptops, phones, software.. blah blah blah.. [i could go on for thousand of pages about it and still none of it he know best.]
anyway, enough that bastard. it’s not worth talking about him anyway. he just drop dead loser who don’t have a life competing for nothing. let’s talk about how do i wanna wrap up this shit as always.

.:: Health ::.

morning jog around the neighbourhood? FAIL!!

even worst, i got sick for the weekend holiday and shits is happening.

.:: Work ::.

busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. busy.. [thanks to some fucking management.]

.:: Leisure ::.

what the hell? like i have fucking time to even rest. fuck those working shit loads, man. next month gonna be boring anyway. no much of an event to attend. how boring is that?

.:: Music ::.

now i’m trying follow the complex bassline from Coheed and Cambria. it’s much much more harder than any others. i mean, i really out of the league if  to play without practice. anyway, we’re on our way in making covers and our own. it’s not as easy as it seems. we do have wordings but we don’t have music for it. kinda useless anyway. main inspiration? hahaa!! you know where it come from. well, it’s from the ex. i’m trying to get her out of my head through songs. hopefully after that, something might happen? :p

good or bad? it’s all up to whoever is in control.

.:: Blogging ::.

as you can see, nothing special about my blog. just updates and simple story. nothing much especially when you’re busy.


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