One of my favorite musical anecdotes:

A famous violinist performed yet another brilliant concert. After the concert a woman backstage said to the violinist, “Sir, I would give my life to play like you play.” The violinist replied, “Ma’am, I did.”

Practicing is a necessary sacrifice you are going to have to make if you want to play bass and be a musician.

it’s been awhile i have post something. when you have boring life and getting busy with work, you can’t blog anything. seriously, i need some dose of Odyssey or Anecdote.

speaking of Anecdote, i took the anecdote above from this website. as you know if you’re a regular reader [as if i have regular reader *roll eyes*], i start playing a bass guitar in the past 5-6 months ago. i have been searching high and low for new method, skill, playing, sound, ideas, inspiration..etc. i have been in the rut of practicing.

so to spice up a little, i begin surfing. look for something to begin with. at first, i start by looking up Guitar Chords for those songs i haven’t really able to play. well, it didn’t turn out well because i spend more time converting tab into notes and i’m having hard time reading minors and octave, changing to suit my playing. hence, i continue doing search on online bass guidance.

so continue my search, finally i found something. a website which fully dedicated to teach a bassist by a bassist. even more interesting, he is a bass teacher himself. brilliant!! this is what i’m looking for. a complete guide for basic which i don’t have any. his name is Andrew Pouska and the site is Study

from the site, i have re-learn everything that i knew and learn new stuff. Root, Octaves, Fifth, Reading Music, Practice..etc. i haven’t read the whole lessons or practice according yet but i’m very confident that my playing is improve. even before practice, i have new skill, new playing, new ideas..etc. so what am i waiting for? waiting for my clock to reach 5.30pm so i can rush home and start practicing.

yea, work is a bitch. especially this time around.

p/s – by the way, i’m not linking the site because i don’t want to have any legal issue or what so ever but if you’re interested here’s the address:

just copy paste it.


2 Responses to “Anecdote”

  1. there’s live band performance on during Borneo Downhill Challange this saturday 16th May. want 2 bring your friends to watch them? just head up to international school bukit padang.

  2. woooohh.. who is playing? got chicas ka?
    most important must have chicks.. hahaa!!

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