the night out

pup point

the door slam shut and there kaesen exciting showing everyone what he just bought when he went out for a break for work.

kaesen: guys!! guys!! look what did i bought??!!! fuck yea!!

*threw an earphone to each Richard and Fugly.*

Richard: apaitu? wtf? why did you bought 2 earphone? you got 4 ears is it?

Fugly: wakakakaka!! stupid alien with fucked up ears that the surgeon mistakenly installed another 2. hahaahaa!!

kaesen: so what if i have. fuck you guys.

*snatch back both of the earphone.*

Slug: hahaa.. are you seriously excited about those cheap earphone? i could buy 10 of those.

kaesen: YO!! WHO LET THIS BITCH IN? i thought i told you guys that he are not welcome to the club.

Richard: i don’t know. he just barge in and stay here bragging about his new toy. and he spill all my pineapple express. fuck!! that’s remind me, pay up bitch!

Slug: first of all, i’m a male pup so you guys can’t just simply call me a bitch. secondly, i’ll pay you after i get some cash from my dad so stop bitching around.

Fugly: and don’t forget about the door that you wrecked yesterday banging to let you in.

kaesen: fuck!! that was him? dude, seriously could you stop destroying stuff just to get attention?

Slug: okay! okay! i’ll ask my dad fix everything up. geezz.. you guys should stop nagging too much.

kaesen: dude, the problem is not us nagging about those stuff. stuff can be fix but you can’t always ask you dad to fix everything up for you. seriously, why don’t you try to be independent. you’re not young anymore.

Slug: what you mean? are you cursing my dad would die early? FUCK YOU!!

kaesen: i didn’t that way but you never know about the future.¬† who knows one day he is? what are you gonna do in your life? who gonna cover for you if you mess up? how are you gonna surrvive alone?

Slug: whatever. you guys are meanie. you guys just jealous that my family are much more richer than you are. i’ll never gonna come back here AGAIN!!

*Slug storm off*

Richard: how many times did he say that he never come back again? *light up his roach.*

Fugly: i don’t know. 10 times? like fuck i care. i’m more concern if he gonna bring chicks along with him at least for my to ‘wash my eyes’ abit. ooOooOooooowwhhh.. look those fine ass. *continue surf.*

kaesen: eih, Fug. could you stop downloading porn using my laptop. you’re taking up space. burn it into DVDs or something.

Fugly: yes sir!! but you have to buy them for me. you know people will freak out if they saw a red ear glider talking to them.

Richard: and some books too! we’re running out of books to read.

kaesen: *sigh* more muney forking out. by the way, guess what book i saw just now. it’s just ridiculous. How to do Everything : Facebook Application. and it cost you Rm105.55.


Fugly: well..well.. just suitable for me. get it please. i could make some muney out of this book. no human contact. just Internet transfer. how convenience!!

kaesen: i’ll see if my budget is allowed. i mean i have a lot to buy. amplifier, bass guitar, strings, books, shirts, pants, shoes..etc. alot you know and my environment aren’t that supporting.

Richard: maybe start selling weed would help. hahahahaa!!

kaesen: hahaa!! i would if i could. anything just to make financial go stable.

Fugly: or maybe you could be a pimp!! you know, muney and pussy. you can’t go wrong with both.

kaesen: even better!! are you FUCKING CRAZY!!? hahahaa..if only there’s a light that could shine to me.


kaesen: and that light should able to make me stand, walk and run toward success. grab and flee from this bullshit life.sensen001

Richard: man, you’re more higher than i am. have you finish you lyrics by the way?

kaesen: hehee.. nope. it’s not that easy you know. i have 3 on going lyris but all of them are despressing. i wanted some happy and that make everyone would smile upon listening. i have one inspiration but i have to work hard for it.

Fugly: well, good luck in chasing that pussy.

kaesen: hey! i didn’t i say i’m aftering only¬† sex? hahaa!! fuck you. we will see how it turn out but i do hope is nice. where’s Bibi and General Ans?

heart and grass

IMPORTANT NOTES: some images are taken from internet. you get the deal. i do not claim them my own but some are my own picture taken using camera phone. and hopefully our guest starring Slug will not be appearing soon enough. she.. i mean he is really pain in the ass.


4 Responses to “the night out”

  1. Awww… that dog is soo cute!!!!

    P/s: do check my new blog… and if u have ur won blogspot.. do add me k tq…

  2. hahaa!! thanks.. i took it from image search..
    already i update your link..

  3. how does the dog look like? y u hate him so much le?

  4. i don’t know. long hair, bitchy, loud, doesn’t really care about others, still a pup, doesn’t really realize what is right and wrong..etc.
    yea, mostly those are the things la. i mean, usually i don’t hate people but when i do, most of the people hate them as well..
    she..i mean he really need some eye opening la..:)

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