the greatest birthday present

present being told by your ex how she use you to forget the person so called she still in love and dump you because she get bored of you. how great is that? to make that even worst, i bought her a beautiful purple dress with a matching purple scarf because she like purple so much for her birthday. now you tell me, how fuck is my life? wish she could read and at least she realise she is eating up her own word. there are many others who care about you then the fuck is this who so fucking care? who is she to tell me to live on while she herself do the same thing? if people needed me to live on, who would be by my side when i needed one? NOT EVEN ONE NOTICE HOW SAD I AM WHILE I HAVE BEEN THERE FOR THEM ALL THOSE CRITICAL TIMES!! for fuck sake, why am i still in love with her after all this? FUCK!!


9 Responses to “the greatest birthday present”

  1. Happy bday….n I’m sorry to hear bout thar

  2. thanks!! you’re the first one before the real date.. hehee.. forget about her la.. she just trying to make my life more miserable..

  3. huhu.u`ll get over her.someday.surely.& oh.whens ur b`day?happy b`day in advance! haha 🙂

  4. hahaa.. i will someday..
    thanks for the wish and the hint is 161.. simple counting sija..

  5. hey, happy belated birthday! so its a rebound huh? be glad there is such thing as KARMA!!! what you need is a total “makeover”. you should look foward to your “new world domination”. hell thats what i’m trying to do now.

    btw, being out of the office RAWK! hahaha

  6. thanks Pai!! biar lambat, janji sampai.. hahaa..
    well, i can’t say she deserve it because i do wish her all the best but at least she know how it really felt to be hated and forgotten by the one who she care the most.
    anyway, fuck the world for fucking up my life and we will dominate it and i really need to get away from this office. hahaa!!

  7. may the three of us get what we want this year 😉

  8. 3? hahaa.. yea.. cheers for the world domination!!

  9. jen chan, you n myself bah

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