Now and then

Goldfish and Fish Hookthis was originally a survey from Friendster bulletin by Marjorie. a friend of mine. who still playing Friendster??!! well, i still log in to my account everyday to check. heh. owh, i added a chatter box on my blog. it’s in top right of the main page. drop some message will ya? comments, critics, anything. you can send in as anonymous if you wanted to. just drop something, aight?  anyway, end the chatter and go on with the survey.

[ NOW ]

  • Current mood: felt like a sloth.
  • Current music: Actions & Motives
  • Current taste: sweet.
  • Current hair: long and messy.
  • Current clothes: office attire.
  • Current annoyance: peoples.
  • Current smell: nothing.
  • Current thing I should be doing: working my ass off.
  • Current windows open: Folders x4, AutoCAD LT 2009, Mozilla Firefox x2 and notepads x3, Avant Browser, YM, MSN
  • Current desktop picture: Tree of Books.
  • Current favorite band: Coheed & Cambria
  • Current book: none.
  • Current cd in stereo: mix various.
  • Current crush: doesn’t know or realize yet.
  • Current favorite celeb: Michael Todd.

[ DO YOU.. ]

  • Smoke?: Hookah? yesh..
  • Do drugs?: nope.
  • Have a dream that keeps coming back?: can’t remember any dream.
  • Remember your first love?: ya.
  • Still love him/her?: well, i can’t say i don’t love her but shit happens.
  • Read the newspaper?: not lately.
  • Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yerp.
  • Believe in miracles?: i still wanna believe in miracles. 🙂
  • Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?: sure.
  • Consider yourself tolerant of others?: very tolerant.
  • Consider love a mistake?: love is a lovely mistake.
  • Like the taste of alcohol?: depends on which one.
  • Have a favorite candy?: nope.
  • Believe in astrology?: i do read them sometimes.
  • Believe in magic?: not really.
  • Believe in God?: i wouldn’t say i believe in Him but i have no problem with religion.
  • Have any pets: Fugly, my Paedophilia/sex maniac red ear slider.
  • Go to or plan to go to college: yerp, there’s plan for it.
  • Have any piercings?: 2 current, 2 retired.
  • Have any tattoos?: yesh.
  • Hate yourself: sometimes.
  • Have an obsession?: yesh.
  • Have a secret crush?: like hell i know.
  • Have a best friend?: yesh, few of them.
  • Wish on stars?: did once.


  • Ever been in love?: yesh. badly if you must ask.
  • When did you lose your virginity?: why don’t you tell me?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?: well, i have to believe on this one.
  • Do you believe in “the one”?: well, if only we know ‘the one’.

[ ETC ]

  • Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: nope.
  • Have you ever been intoxicated?: yerp. with smokes and booze.
  • Have you ever been caught “doing something”: nope.
  • Are you a tease?: i’m more like the quiet one.
  • Shy to make the first move?: very shy.


  • Hair: thought i said long and messy.
  • Eyes: sleepy…zzzZZ
  • Height: around 167cm maybe.


  • Bought: breakfast with my brother.
  • Ate and Drank: Konlou Mee with Teh C.
  • Read: fucked up papers of work.
  • Watched on TV: that would be totally wild.


  • beer or cider: ciders still the best. tapai ka or lihing?
  • drinks or shots: drinks.
  • cats or dogs: tortoise?
  • single or taken: single.
  • pen or pencil: mechanical pencil. i have like 5 of them!! ^^
  • gloves or mittens: gloves still the best..
  • food or candy: food.
  • cassette or cd: cassette. bring me back to the dubbing era!!
  • coke or pepsi: guilty as charge. positive on coke.


  • kill: everyone!! mwahahaa!!
  • get really wasted with: better off with someone you share your life with.
  • look like: none. i just go with my own look.


  • saw: workmate.
  • talked to on the phone: i think it’s my dad.
  • hugged: i can’t lie. |v|4*1//3
  • instant messaged: Onee Chan!!
  • kissed: still can’t lie. |V|4*1//3


  • Drank alcohol?: start at young age but not very tolerant.
  • Done drugs?: not abused.
  • Broken the law?: bwahahahaa!! is this a joke?
  • Run away from home?: nope.
  • Broken a bone?: nope.
  • Played Truth Or Dare?: yesh.
  • Kissed someone you didnt know?: nope.
  • Been in a fight?: one hell of a fight in the barrack.
  • Come close to dying?: almost hit by a car. few times.

[ WHAT IS.. ]

  • Your bedroom like?: a store room to store spare parts.
  • Your favorite thing for breakfast?: bacon and loads of food!!
  • Your favorite restaurant?: don’t have one.
  • Whats on your bedside table?: bedside car seat to be exact. books and phone.
  • What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?: that would be random.
  • What is your biggest fear?: being alone.
  • Describe your bed: a mess.
  • Spontaneous or plain?: plainly spontaneous.
  • Do you know how to play poker?: nope.
  • What do you carry with you at all times?: my plugs.
  • How do you drive? : quick, agile and quite aggressive.
  • What do you miss most about being little? : friends.
  • Are you happy with your given name?: very.
  • What color is your bedroom? : light blue/dirt.
  • Have you ever been in a play?: school play about Alma mater.
  • Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you?: some of them for faking it.
  • Do you consider yourself to be a nice person? : over all, yerp.

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