the asshole among the group


So this bus full of hideous, ugly people careen off a bridge and all die a horrible, fiery death. They all get up to heaven and Jesus is waiting for them…

“Oh, hey guys. Sorry about that. It wasnt your time. So to make it up to you, I’m going to use my Super Jesus powers and grant you all one wish before you enter Heaven for forever and ever.”

First person says, “I’m terribly ugly. I’d love to be beautiful and gorgeous!”

Jesus nods his head, and POOF! The woman is beautiful.

The rest of the ugly people in line see this and all wish for the same thing. Jesus is working his way down the line when the guy in the back starts cracking up. As Jesus gets closer and closer to the end, the guy is laughing even harder. Finally Jesus gets to him, explains the story, and waits for the guys wish.

The guy takes a moment to compose himself….

“Hahaha! oh man, oh man….” *deep breath* “make’em all ugly again.”


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