if only i know..

failurewell, i don’t know if i did fail or something but i do know that i am really lack of something. maybe i’m being an ignorant? maybe i’m a arrogant asshole? maybe i’m just too passive? maybe it’s just situation is like that because all of us are busy. i don’t know and how i wish i do know.


4 Responses to “if only i know..”

  1. ok bah. can pick up, tiup2 sikit n makan balik tu cup cake 😉

  2. hahaa.. let’s make it that way la.. biar la sakit purut skijap..:D

  3. Fail in what owh dude? Tell us… ;D

  4. tiada fail bah.. just not my day sija tu hari.. hohoo!!
    alcohol kills, do drug!! hahaha!! kidding.. :p

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