it’s been awhile, where should we begin?

crazy babylife is unpredictable. at first might seems everything running smoothly and then the next thing you know, everything seems to crushing down. however, it can’t be raining forever is it? many things have happened lately. it’s like a storm came in blowing all those shits and came new shits. okay, maybe not a good comparison that i made. hahaa!!

any who~,  i have excluded the ‘monthly update’ which is not appropriate for me as i have out of words and ideas to share. besides, no much of people who really bother to read them up. some do but still, they get the daily dose anyway.

weakas time pass, i’m getting lazy. real lazy. it’s like an contagious virus that caught me. laze around in the house. the bed, the couch, the chair, the car seats, inside the car, outside the car, on the yards.. etc. haha!! it’s not like i don’t want to do something but i can’t seems to have a motivation or a friend to do all those stuff. hopefully we all could have some fun from time to time. currently planning a trip or two to get out from Kota Kinabalu for awhile.

TheUlitmateComboskills is what people looking for nowadays. if your skills are just ordinary, you’re just like a common people on earth. with all those talent contest thing and internet, we need to make them go gaga on what you have. anyway, i’ve try to develop some skills to catch up. so what did i do? download GIMP and start learning Image Manipulating. start by learning basic of course. start by colour changing, black and white, effect, colours, words.. etc. it’s kinda hard because i’m used to mouse moving to paint and stuff. i wonder how they do it? anyway, here’s a picture of myself where i use very basic skills to develop. it was a test subject.

before and afterzhe befhore and zhe afther. hahaa!! not impressive but i’ll work on it. i just need more time and tutorial. notice what i did? no? nvm. (=..=)

comebackthere’s no reason to ask them to come back. what have left, let them be. they just let out most valuable person that they ever met in their life. it’s their own stupidity to leave for someone who don’t love, wait, who doesn’t even care for them. unaware of a specific fact, lacking good sense yet concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit. i can say serve her right. have a taste of her own medication is how they will awaken from their fairy tales. there’s no fairy tales, huney. wake up already. i’m no longer waiting and no longer see your existence. that’s the last words that i can tell you.

smoke grassas for i speak, i develop a new addiction. the power of Bong!! hahaa!! actually it’s just a flavoured smoke from hookah or shisha we call it here. i call chicha as for divert from original word from people. i’m not a ciggie smoker but i do smoke shisha. how bad can it be? yesh, it is bad and believe me, i’m like a crack head or something. anyway, i’ll try to have it less frequent as poassible. you just never know.

mic toddnow, speaking of music. i just bought my own electric bass guitar. hooray!! yay!! around of applause please!! enthusiasm and eagerness overflowing like madness even the great tsunami are like small wave to be compare. now the the only thing left will be the amplifier. can’t wait for it. more reason to practice and no more slacking. slap me if i does.

wolfthings are getting more and more interesting lately. they keep on coming as if zombies on rampage overcome and take control of. i can’t help it or avoid it so might as well i play along with it. beside, they came to me not i started it. unleash the wolf? i bet i am. just wait and see. hehee..


3 Responses to “it’s been awhile, where should we begin?”

  1. so that’s how you make ryu play the piano. what about guitar?

    you know what? this is one hell of a post, for your electric bass, i pray you would be one of them who would RAWK KK! we sabahans r full of talents dont we hehehe

    *clap* *clap* *clap*

  2. oh i’ve just noticed. the same song i’ve been hearing lately hahahahahaha *wink* *wink*

  3. hahahaa!!
    why one hell of a post?
    Sabahan really do have a lot of talent but the world haven’t discover our treasure yet.. hehee..
    for the being bassist part, one day i will claim the stage from the world!!! mwahahahhaa!!! >:)

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