dead bird still trying to fly without realize that she is dead

cartoon dead birdthe story about ‘dead bird’ will come later on as i have more exiting news to share among those interested. speaking of interested, some how lately, people seems to be expressing higher level or cause strong feelings of enthusiasm towards Calvin and Hobbes ending strip. or should i say, more interested to read my blog and avoid being detect from where s/he is from. who know? i am happy and appreciated each and every blog view but i can’t seems to understand why with readings around 35 average a day within August 2009 alone and no comments? anyway, that which is highest average than any other months. and seriously, either is it hate or love, i would love to thank you for viewing my blog. thank you so much. i really appreciated for my 18 months old blog. (T.T)

okay, for the news!! i just bought my combo amplifier. isn’t it awesome? hahahaa!! not as expected of what i initially planned but at least i did bought a set. even more reason to practice. actually, i shouldn’t have use that as reason to practice. let’s change that shall we? for the love that i will carry on my weak arms and spread my wings toward paradise. okay, that even weird. we’ll keep the original reason. :p

pictures of them.

AEB 10 acoustic bass

AEB 10 – BK1201

GSR 395 headstockGSR 395 bridge

GSR 395

Rumble 15 combo amplifier

Rumble 15

Santa Cruz acoustic guitar

the very first Santa Cruz acoustic i bought.

the guitar collection

meet the family! the amp combo are little bit shy. :p

my friends said i should have pick Fender guitar over Ibanez as Fender are more ‘friendlier’ and Ibanez is like a wild horse that need speed and abuse. well, i think with my quick learning ability, i think i can handle it. slow but still try to keep up what i have been missing these years. might be only the basic standard but i am proud of them all. 🙂

real dead birdat first, this picture should be front picture but because it’s too gruesome and it’s sending like a killing aura, i change it into cartoonish instead of real deal here. i have no hatred or killing instinct here. i like this picture better fyi. anyway, here’s the story.

imagine this little bird that i know. sweet, lovely, had and still having hard time getting through her life. i love this little bird that i hold her dearly and i thought, she is a keeper and things will be like fairy tales with pleasing, delightful and happy ending. how should i say this, it’s pathetic that she doesn’t realize that she is ‘dead’. straight to the point, i know. what do i mean by that? well, the only way i could say this is she doesn’t realize the situation. i’m NOT saying i’m the great ol’ mighty someone who could judge or tell people what to do but her case, i think she is still confuse and sadly to say, too hard headed to wake up from her dreams. yes, it’s not a sin to dream but to dream and to realize a fact is different. why do i say so? she told me to wake up from the nightmare that she gave me. pecking my head, flew swiftly above, collide violently and hit my chest so hard i barely breathe at that time and ask me to move on. but up until this day, she still dreaming on her own nightmare and don’t want to wake up just because she thought her life is violently pulverize and she better off in her dream. sad isn’t it? that is why i dedicated this little story just for this little bird that i know. i know my words meant nothing to her but hopefully she read it although she don’t read because she is a bird anyway, right. hahaa!! words. surprisingly, i’m still posting nonsense. maybe i still love this little bird although she is annoying to me right now. who knows? anyway, past shit is past shit.

so fuck them all and now my eyes are all set for this baby Phoenix. cute, full of energy, enthusiasm, determination and yet elegant with wonderful personality. although i can’t provide luxurious, sun shine brightly everyday, best food or places in the world but i’ll take real good care of her if she want me to. i know, i aim too high. like said, no harm in dreaming. 😉


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