50 first shits

holy shit

hahahaa!! stolen from Mr. Paival and my target would be 30 minutes from 1.14am. 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!!

1. Beer: bitter

2. Food: eat!!

3. Relationships: hunting

4. Crush: one

5. Power Rangers: LOL

6. Life: great!

7. The President: suck

8. Yummy: food!!

9. Car: Vehicle

10. Movie: Ice Age 3

11. Halloween: plan

12. Sex: woohoo!!

13. Religion: free

14. Hate: assholes

15. Fear: lonely

16. Marriage: holy crap!!

17. Blondes: Angie?

18. Slippers: hahaa!!

19. Shoes: Keen

20. Asians: love

21. Pass time: Bass

22. One night stand: wow!!

23. My cell Phone: touch

24. Smoke: chicha!! [hookah/shisha]

25. Fantasy: comic?

26. College: fucked

27. High school Life: more fucked

28. Pajamas: sweet!!

29. Star: bright

30. Center: asshole

31. Alcohol: drinks?

32. The word LOVE: x322’/  4////3!! [encoded]

33. Friends: few

34. Money: more!!

35. Heartache: ouch!

36. Time: is an enemy

37. Divorce: can be solve [very agree with Pai that it’s very bad influence into child’s life]

38. Dogs: loyalty

39. Undies: panchira!!

40. Parents: coolest!

41. Babies: newborn

42. Ex: bitch!! [only one of them. the others are sweet hearts]

43. Song: harmonic rhythm

44. Color: grey

45. Weddings: boring!

46. Pizza: Step

47. Hangout: Mink!!

48. Rest: holidays

49. Goal: skills

50. Inspiration: love life




GO TO SLEEP!! [knock own head]


4 Responses to “50 first shits”

  1. zo tell me. how zu you veel vhen you zee deez x322′/ 4////3 character. you veel good ya?

  2. i veel zo good unzil you can zee ze child in me..
    you know who this x322’/ 4////3 character in ‘this’ movie, right?^^

  3. zhen.. you muzz act on it before it iz too late. but vhich movie are ve talking avout?

    vhy am i moving my mouth vhile typing dizz.. dizz iz most intriguing…

  4. hahaa!! don’t worry Mister Paival.. things are under control here..
    i don’t know about you Mister but i know i missed out a lot of movies lately.. been busy chasing cars and playing around traffic.. hehee..

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