fucked up update!!

sick egg

well, the second week of August. not very a pleasant week by the way. why? i’m sick for a week and know what? no one really care anyway. hahaa!! last thing you want is being sick and no one really notice. miserably inadequate isn’t it? driving from home to office and then walking to from the car while medicine in hand. alone. owh well. what can i say? i’m just a pathetic guy try to live life to fullest. heh. emoish? yesh, i am. human do have down side of life and need to be love. 🙂

Mario selling mushroom

it’s really sucks being sick. weak to the bones, nausea and disoriented especially when you took medication. you know, drowsiness from flu or cough medicine? yerp, those kind of ‘high’. imagine i wasn’t able to pin point the location that i desire and miss. more to that, the material that i want wasn’t what my hand picked. hahaa!! here’s another case. the price was Rm11.20 displayed on cash register so we just pay accordingly with exact amount or with a little change, right? guess how much muney did i handed to cashier. Rm13.00. i counted different form my wallet and from her hands. she smiled and i smiled. in a ‘stoned’ face of course. *shrug* fox say hello

anyway, should i be fooling around for the time being? i’m not the playful type so that question is pooping in my head from time to time. afraid i might lose something while i’m having fun. it’s really not worth it if you ask me. Calvin and Hobbes still running through my Statistic. a lot actually. it really curious that who is look for them? i wish could know who are guys looking for them. it’s really curious of me.

Cute kidrevelation is starting guys. for those who know my plan, yerp, i’m gonna start telling to the world now. in next 1 month, things will be change completely. from head to toe, my lifestyle, my emotions, my social skills and even worst, my steady income. you know the deal. hehee!! by the way, i love the picture above. the kid is cute. nothing related in anyway. all the pictures were taken from internet. thanks to them, my blog are more interesting. thanks. 🙂

it’s about to rain heavily now. i should go retrieve the laundry now. laters.


4 Responses to “fucked up update!!”

  1. haha.. quite…!!
    but i gotta agree with last pic… very adorable. Not usin it as a therapy for yer illness ain’t u…? For some endorphines boosting effect… lol

    Anyway, take care man. And will be looking forward one month ahead 🙂

  2. wtf? NO!!
    hahaa!! it’s just how can’t you feel squishy inside when you saw this kid?
    thanks for the comment dude, appreciates it. 🙂

  3. i would say, being able to do things by yourself meant that u a very independant and having someone to acknowledge that is a bonus. hehehe.

    them photos does bring up a bit shine to his place.

  4. but being acknowledge is important as well. hehee..

    i think only the pictures that bring colours to my place.

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