all those words running through my head

Notesis it a good idea i post up so called lyrics that i wrote up here? i mean, i wrote a few and some sucks badly and some might be nice. i need comments and critics actually so that i can change and improve maybe? i don’t know. just felt like composing and composing recently. just afraid that it might be stolen later on.


4 Responses to “all those words running through my head”

  1. the good side is people’s comments would improved you lyric. the bad side is copyright. you might want to print hard copy of the lyric and mailed it to yourself. do not open it when it reached you. should there be someone stole you lyric, the date on the stamp is proof that the lyric is yours when they opened it in court šŸ˜‰

  2. wow!! that’s a great idea.
    i think i should start mailing myself more letters now.. LOL

  3. its the cheapest form of copyrighting your work

  4. cheapest but effective. got proof and of course need to put notes below the post.

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