Swamp of Death

Shi No Numawell, nothing to do with real swamp but just an update on recent things. currently  really addicted to play Call of Duty: World at Wars, Shi No Numa maps which means Swamp of Death. basicly it’s just 4 players shoot zombies, survive the waves of zombies attack while looking for weapons and survive. simple? hahaa!! yea it is simple.

hugging bear

anyway, i have send in my resignation letter last  August 24, 2009. some people asked me why and if it’s okay or is it a prank or something. what the hell  is that? you thought that i send in letter for a raise? a prank for attention from you guys? what the fuck. seems like they still doesn’t take me seriously so why should i stick around, right? 2 post, small pay. i better off from the pit of rotten ass and move on doing something else. hard start? better than staying at that place and rot. seriously, that place is rotten. anyway, forget about them as i’m off to an adventure while they playing around in that rotten half ass place. no offend to those i care but i had enough of them and seriously i hope everyone read this post.


yesh, death have visited one of my family. total suckage but still, it’s not really a bad news. my grandpa have been bed ridden few months and have to rush to hospital every now and then. he is sick so can be consider that he doesn’t need to suffer in this wrecked world. owh well. them shall be remembered as we will move forward.


and last but not least, here’s maybe something not original.

If one day you feel sad and need a shoulder to cry on,
call me.
i don’t promise that i will make you laugh,
but i do have 2 shoulder up for rent.

if one day you want to run away from reality,
don’t be afraid to call me.
i don’t promise i could take you to dream land,
but i can run with you and erase those stress away.

if one day you need someone to listen and don’t want to listen to people,
call me.
i promise i’ll be there for you,
and i promise to be very quiet listening.

but if one day you think of me,
and i haven’t keep in touch for long time,
nor answering your calls,
you better be quick and come to me.
perhaps i need someone and i was afraid to reach out.
or even worst, i’m not around anymore.


2 Responses to “Swamp of Death”

  1. you can bet a few will follow suit 😉

    sorry to hear about your grandpa

    oh and i like the first and the last verse

  2. yea.. surprisingly a lot of us are..

    thanks man and don’t worry it.

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