surprise surprise

heart king2surprise more than anything else and the image above shouldn’t have reappear in this blog. but unfortunately, it have to as for today yesh, another special appearance for Miss |v|4*1//3!! around of applause everyone. anyway, my friend got disown by his mum and now he need to live on his own while carrying responsibility to take care of his fiance and his sister, my ex. so for this incident somehow me and my ex can be considered kiss and make up. well, not really real kiss and make up. it’s handshake, sorry and friends again kinda shit and stuff. okay, fuck those.

lilypad on small pondi have this trip Kelly’s Bay, Tuaran on 5th to 6th of September, 2009. and i must say.


everything is nice. the trip, the jokes, the fun, the excitement and most hated part is someone people wanted to be an asshole entire trip. fuck him. because of that, i get into trouble and hurt people’s feeling. anyway, fuck it and into the pictures.

road from Gaya Street“the morning view.”

05092009187“the view from mainland jetty toward the Bay’s Jetty.”

bay's jetty

“Bay’s jetty.”

restaurant counter

“the restaurant’s counter.”

the sitting and fishing spot

“the sitting and fishing spot.”

resting place. i don't know what do you called itresting place. i don’t know what do you called it.

“it’s call hammock. ‘Uncle’ Paival correct me so. hahaa!!”

the beach“the beach with my friends trying to get nice picture.”

dart shooting“Dart shooting in one of the Survival battle between 2 group.”

9318_128243284705_845094705_2244489_3311134_n“Butod or Vutod which is Sago Worm. it’s local delicacy that used a challenge.”

bonfire gather“us in front of the big fire for the night.”

morning came“morning came and most of us can’t get our good night sleep.”

morning faces“morning faces while me trying to cover up my face.”

banana boat“banana boat in action.”

anyway, we did a lot of things while we were there but most of the time we were busy laughing playing and some are water sport so it’s not convenient to bring cameras. it’s a great place to visit for over the weekend but do prepare for bugs. it’s devastating when bugs attack especially mosquito. anyway, as for my friends, thanks for the great time and sorry about the bad shit i cause.

at Jettynear the beach bench

near the hut

and as for me now, i’m hoping that i could have another vacation. hope that is not a long one to wait.



5 Responses to “surprise surprise”

  1. i think it is called a hammock πŸ™‚

  2. yerp.. that’s the name!! thanks Pai!!

  3. not ham the moCk ? =))

  4. who wanted to ham the mock woh? hahaa!!

  5. how do you ham the mock in the first place? πŸ˜€

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