Question that i might don’t want to know


i have a questions for people that who know me personally. what do think or see me as? rubbish? shoulder to cling on? floater? a diamond? a knife? a fork? or a treasure chest?

maybe it’s a question i don’t want the answers or maybe i shouldn’t ask at all. someone might said i shouldn’t question anything.

but seriously, who am i to you? tell me.


6 Responses to “Question that i might don’t want to know”

  1. wats spInning in ur mind lately bro?…u’ve been like, landed on the wrong level of floor every time we naik lift…hahaaaa

  2. hahaaa!! things are troubling my mind.
    loads of them so i wish i could unload them in the trash bin.

  3. whooaa.. thanks.. hahaa..

  4. U r someone who tink so much… ;D relax dude…

  5. hahaa.. might be or might be someone making me feel that way..
    hmm.. either way, thanks dude..

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