first day of school

when we were youngwas boring. i shit you not. all i do is just sit there half day listening to bull crap over stuff that which is kinda not important through studies. well, for the college it is of course. learn about the heritage, rules and other minor stuff involving college.

anyway, here’s the short stories of how it goes.

– 5.30am –

wake up, brush teeth.. etc. and then head out at 6am

– 7.30am –

reach Gaya Street, waited in coffee shop for awhile before going to Admission Centre.

– 8.00am –

well everything start where we were direct to a class room where it start all the boring introduction, talks, rules and regulation, payment.. etc.

– 1.30pm –

finally it’s over with all those boring talk. so me and the bunch of friends hangout at the coffee shop chit chatting and was wasting time before we head home in seperate ways.

happierso that’s the overall of the story for day one.

booo!!! boring~!

but anyway, i should be happy since i having a new changes in life and having the chances to make new friends. so i will be happier than a bird with a french fry.


7 Responses to “first day of school”

  1. any cute chix? hehehe

  2. yerp.. a few of them and you can bet where am i heading toward to.. 😀

  3. yeah.. woohoo \m/

    more pic more pic

  4. hey! you’re in college ! what u studying la?? Syok kan college life? I dont mind going back to studying too!

  5. yerp!! just started last month in October.. so far i don’t know.. baru masuk already rumours flying around.. crap.. hahaa!! the only shitty part is need to study and do part time in order to survive now..

  6. u can do it bro~!! all the best ah… nothing wan la those rumors.. you’ll get through it!

  7. thanks!! rumours tu biar la.. not bad if i can really have 2 scandals within a month.. ahahaa!! playboy la konon there..

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