just maybe

broken heart

i should be a selfish and ignorant bastard.

could You spare my fucking life for fucked up sake? have You had enough dragging me around? can’t i get better life? i don’t fool around, i did so many deeds. isn’t it enough? what the fuck with all this bull crap?? Fucking Retard. test my ass. all i wanted is just a peaceful fucking life that i could spend and share with someone i could hold dear. can’t i have that? tell me why if i can’t? tell or show, You fucked up maker. it’s not like i wanted to conquer the whole wrecked world. i would wanted a world peace though. FUCK!!


One Response to “just maybe”

  1. awwwwwwwwww..dun be saD & fRustrated for those thing…those matters/ppl is nOt even wOrth of ur…taik donGot ? hahaaaa~ tCare bRo!

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