i felt like i betrayed someone

wordpress that is.


was trying out tumblr. which i think another blog thingin’. i start trying it out since a friend recommend it to me so i think i’ll decide after a month later. but if i do wanted to change, i don’t think i will abandon this place.


8 Responses to “i felt like i betrayed someone”

  1. hey, i know one blogger who maintain both wordpress & tumblr. its perfectly okay. just make sure there’s no cobweb over here.

  2. that’s the thing. i’m getting lazy day by day to write. haven’t start |337 post lagi ni.

  3. sally recommended it to me too…but i hate the paRt where ppL cant comment~ hmmm..

  4. getting lazy in a norm. but i’m eager to read your |337 post hehehe. oh now i know u cant leave comment on tumblr. havent tried it… yet… HAHAHA

  5. i like blogger better

  6. jLo: yea.. i still haven’t figure out the comment part.. still explore.. it’s good sometimes you can just post and ignore haters.. if you have one.. hahaa!!

    LaViaP: stressing out with studies nowadays.. i will post out but it will take a long time to compose.. sorry..

    Sitie: for someone who like to configure the stuff into their own style, still blogger is best choice.. thanks! 🙂

  7. hahaaa…those haters can write n write n write till keyboard dia keluar buih..ehh i mean the keys falls out pun u can jst igNore him..or the simpLest way “DELETE” buttOn..ahaakss..hahaa…gambateee dess on ur exam!! kitaaaaaaaa~~ =D

  8. kitaaa~!! thanks jLo.. seriously coming suda tu exam.. enough with the crapping and better off to the islands..

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