black and white apple

guess what happen just now?

a van ram the back of a motorbike while the motorbike try to cross the freeway illegally..

how bad it is?

i don’t give a fuck about it!! woohoo!!

i was behind the van when he ram that bike and i just drove off from the pieces from the bike.

why did i do that?

because i’m a one FUCKED UP DEMON who been called a Judas.

i don’t have the heart anymore. to him of course, not my other friends.. 😛


anyway, many things are happening right now. i just doesn’t feel like talking about it and i just let it slide. it’s really childish how a guy could be and he is not doing or acting according what he said. anyway, fuck him and and fuck him hard in the anal from falling to a short small cut tree stump.


5 Responses to “woohoo!!”

  1. moral of the story, just because u ride a bike doesnt mean you a free to roam the wide road… hmmm… and just because i’m driving a 4X4 doesnt meant there is no road… hehehe

  2. nope nope….the moral is …. KARMA…muahahaaa~~

  3. You forgot to take their plate numbers?! ;D

  4. As delighted as I would like to be, as deserving we think the motorcyclist is perhaps for his dumbness, he has probably learnt his lesson the hard way, but such is life. 🙂

    We take things for granted and abuse them, only to find karma biting us in the ass.

  5. Paival: hahaa!! no matter what, just stay with the rules and regulation sija la..

    jLo: karma could be one of the major contribution. criminals maybe. hehee..

    ArMs: what for keeping their plate numbers? unless you planning to go buy 4D.. hahaa!!

    Gallivanter: well said but we as well should take it as a lesson. some car drivers do that as well. hehee..

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