what does these suppose to meant?

what do you see in this picture?

tell in comment section.

maybe we have same opinion about it.

a wise physician once said, ” i have been practising medicine for 30 years and i have prescribed many things. but in the long run i have learned that most of wat ails the human creature, the best medicine is love.

“what if it doesn’t work?”
“double the dose.” he replied.

02  |v|4’/83  ‘/0v  x//0vv  #0vv  1  ph33|  216#7  //0vv.

|v|4’/83  1  |057  50|v|37#1//6  4//)  (0v|)//’7  ph1//)  17  84(x.  ;v57  |v|4’/83.

1’|v|  53210v5|’/  7123)  216#7  //0vv.  \/32’/  7123).

vv#’/  )035  17  4|vv4’/5  |v|3  vv#00  (#3321//6  9309|3  v9  4//)  //0  0//3  533|v|5  70  807#32  70  |v|4×3  5|v|1|3  4641//?

|v|4’/83  #0vv  1  ph33|  423  //07  1|v|90274//7.

1  vv0//)32  vv#0  vv1|| (0|v|3  70  \/1517  1ph  1  234||’/  ph4||  1||?

|37  v5  3><9321|v|3//7  17,  5#4||  vv3?

1  60  72’/  70  637  |v|’/  4993//)1><, x4’/?

17’5  v53|355  4//’/vv4’/. #4#4#4#44!!! shift + 1


8 Responses to “what does these suppose to meant?”

  1. ahh.. yes. because we are what certain group of people classified as “earth bound angel”. so they say. but in time u will know how to entertain ourself without the need of others. hang in tight.

    yes, i can read hehehehe.

  2. ehh.. i see a guy holding umbrella and predicting that its gonna rain on him soon?

  3. Paival: hahaa!! secret found and decoded. thanks. 🙂

    Papams: ermm.. i think i just got a new perspective from there but not the same as what i see right now. hahaa..

  4. aawwww…he need more shots of those” Luv-O-cheRish-me-Please!! ” Dose!!

  5. hahaa.. so true.. :p

  6. reading, finding and decoding it is like living in my own world of Da Vin”Chin” Code!

    give this man some love people!

  7. hahaa!!
    nice one. i should make more of these Da Vin Chin Code.

  8. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Your blog really helped me and I will be back soon. Thank you for the information.

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