i wonder if they still calling it virus nowadays.

i mean, the last virus that i deal with was back date while Window 98 still in use.

well, all malware, adware and spyware been refer as virus.

i mean, they are different but normally just jump to conclusion and say, “owh gawd damned shitty shitless munkey!! my computer is infected with virus!!”

so here we are calling all of them virus.

anyway, that’s not the deal.

here i am presenting the anti virus that i bought!!

Kapersky!! [recommended by Jackie Chan kicking virus’ ass!!]

the box..

when you open it..

skit juga!!??

it’s really disappointing when you bought a box of something and when you open it, it’s just a few pieces of stuff inside.

seriously these people need to have a huge meeting to discuss about packaging.

anyway, so i got a disc and 2 paper which is installation guide and some kind of a warranty card or reference something.

and the best part is?

Rm50 for 1 usage for a year.

so that’s it?

yea, that’s all folks!! hahahaaa!!

best way to prevent virus attack if you don’t have anti virus?

don’t have any motherboard or hardisk


4 Responses to “Viruses?”

  1. i’m a mac, but i still install Norton Antivirus. better be safe than sorry. weird huh?

  2. you can do that? wow~!!
    and i thought having Mac make it invincible.. :-p

  3. nothing is invincible. the last know virus attack on mac was on 2006. still, i’m still paranoid thanks to windows.

  4. well, at least it’s not a frequent as Windows. 😀

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