do you even know my need?

None of Your Needs Are Being Met

Needs not being met: Physiological, love, safety, esteem, and self-actualization needsWhile it may seem surprising to you, none of your core needs are being met.

You are not getting enough fuel to keep you going, and it’s hindering every aspect of your life.

Go back to square one. Work on getting enough rest, eating right, and even exercising.

To be happy and fulfilled, your physical needs like food and sleep need to be taken care of.

How Many of Your Needs Are Being Met?
what the hell? none of my need are met?
maybe it’s true juga la. so far, many things that i dream, target, wanted never really got achieve yet.
as suggested, start from square one.

5 Responses to “do you even know my need?”

  1. Kitaaaaa~ *march march forward*

  2. can i believe in this quiz?
    seriously i have no comment when i got the result. :s

  3. i guess its just for fun. dont take it to seriously

  4. yea.. what ever it is, maybe it’s not a bad idea to start back from the bottom. could be that i pick up the pieces that left out. :p

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