Entry No. 1


kaesen here.

ever wonder why i’m typing like this?

it’s because i’m kinda not in the mood to input a post.

but since i’m lazy to study, lazy to move, not in the mood, bored, frustrated, annoyed, disgusted, disappointed, etc.. etc..

i fill this post will all my unsatisfactory but then again, maybe not.

so why am i still putting this entry?

because i wanted to tell a story.

what kind of story?

well, let just make it the story of the day.

here goes.

i wake up at 6:45am today.

wake up, freshen up and stuff like that.

fill up my car radiator with water.

been awhile since i fill her up with water.

quarter and a half of 1.5l water bottle.

that’s alot.

anyway, i move out after the filling is done.


reach college early as 7:50am-ish.

went to the front door.

met up a friend of mine.

classmate actually.

so we wait there.

while i’m doing my necktie.


and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

and again.


and again few times before we enter class around 8:25am.


finish our class at 10:00am-ish.

so we go out from the class.

went to the loo to pee.

go down from second floor to the ground.

call my sister and ask if she need food.

met up again with my classmate.

went to the cafe.

met another friend of mine on the way.

he still ‘kogutan’ since yesterday he went drinking.

well, hangover i think for ‘Kadazan’

continue to the cafe.

‘tapau’ some fried ‘meehoon’ and two ‘meat fill’.

‘tapau’ means take away for chinese a.k.a local calling.

went off saying good bye to my friend.

went to bakery and ‘tapau’ another 3 pieces of bread.

went off the work.


reach there around 11:00am.

establish my work station and finish up my work.

business card, done.

letterhead, done.

cut up the other business cards.

play a bit of game.


4:25pm where we start to pack and leave.

when we about to leave, an uncle halt us and ask if we can open up for awhile.

we did and he said he used to be make his here.

we discuss a bit about the business card changes.

adjustment made to suit printing.

cut and cut and done.

call him up but he didn’t answer.

so we decide to leave near 6:00pm.


drop by at my aunt’s house to pick up biscuits.

drive through the Inanam traffic light which is terrible jam.

make a turn into Taman Khidmat to avoid jam.

went out from the Hospital round-about to Jalan Bundusan.

jam all the way to the Beverly Hills round-about.

was planning to turn to Dongongon cut off to Putatan.

change route, U-turn round-about pass by the KDCA.

drive all the way to the Shell, make a turn and came out to the Dongongon by-pass road.

make another U-turn and turn into the Kendara.

came out to the Jalan Lintas – Kepayan.

make my way all the way from there to home.

reach home, get clean and now, here i am.


so that’s adventure for the day.

so to close this post, here’s a picture for you to wonders about.


8 Responses to “Entry No. 1”

  1. that was boringly exciting day 🙂

  2. hahaa~!!
    how could that be exciting?
    i think i really lost the inspiration to write in. period.

  3. well, it’s boring yes, but how u present the boringness looked exciting. when u put some imagination to it, for instance, doing the u-turn, my imagination was going like this

    “at 70km/h i turn my steering and pulled my hand-brake the speed of to…”

    ain’t than exciting?

  4. owhh.. hahahaa..
    didn’t know could be that exciting.
    maybe next time i sprinkle some overacting imagination in it. 😀

  5. & be tankful that u still alive on this Planet 🙂 i like to tink it tat way :p

  6. of course.. be thankful for being alive.. even better with someone’s acknowledgement.. hehehee.. 😀

  7. Hahaha. I like.

  8. hahaa..
    second entry coming up..
    when i got time that is.. 😛

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