when there is not morality available

yesterday, i volunteered myself to join my ex colleague of mine to do some security. the reason? well, i was too busy and up to neck with my work, studies, assignment and also trying to make myself to get more sleep. so thinking of having to get my head off from these stuff lingering in my head then i decided to join in and have some fun. another point to it is to cure introvert of mine. everyone is changing and everyone is having fun with life so why should i be left out with all these? might as well i have fun learning from mistake and explore more and more. here’s the link to twestival for Kota Kinabalu.

but then again, this is not the whole point of this entry. this entry is about my first trip to island with college.

okay, this trip with the objective of cleaning the island in conjunction with Moral Education where we suppose to do a community project which help out. well, the usual stuff about Moral. anyway, to make it short, we clean, we hike, we wait, we swim and then we go home. and here’s the photos to do the talking. enjoy. owh by the way, i skip the Jesselton Point part because we can see it any day we want.

“greet by the fishies when we reach the jetty.”

“..the entrance from jetty..”

“..the signboards displayed in the island..”

“..well, i didn’t take any photos during cleaning because my hands are full. so start with trekking, i took this just in case i got lost and i got nothing except my phone.”

“..hiking up the hill..”

“..and they take the lead and took off..”

“..skip the walk and now we’re heading down hill..”

“..before we know it, here we are. the rocky area of the island with nice view..”

“..and i took some so-called artistic pictures..”

“..here’s a shot of my class mate and the lecturer rest..”

“..here’s a last shot before we continue walking..”

“..all laying around tired while some went and have a swim..”

“..and of course, i couldn’t take picture went i’m  swimming so here i skip to the leaving part..”

“..and Mr. Jerome enjoying his ice cream.. arghh~!! i want one~!!”

“..here they are cramp in a boat heading back..”

and so that’s how my trip when. i had fun. really. despise that most of the time i spend are alone but some of the time i did make some people realize my present as one of the class mate. and i thought the trip will be a complete boring shit since i’m an introvert kind of guy going with bunch of other students that i’m not familiar with but it’s not. now that this trip is over, hopefully in next semester will be more fun as i’ll stick back with some of them and we will have a blast bigger than this one. and last but not least, instead of ice cream, i bought myself a slurpee.


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  1. Dude,mana pics of bikini babes? ;D

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