Who is this Idiot?

my previous ‘about me’ disappeared. i don’t know why. maybe someone hacked in and wipe it or maybe something crushed. i don’t know. anyway, here’s a new one. yay!! okay, fuck it.

in pinkish

my given name is Chin Kae Sen. people calling me Chin when i was young. well respond to kaesen, sen and sensen. born on the 161st day of the year (162nd in leap year) and 204 days remaining until the end of the year in Gregorian calendar. i’m the second eldest among my siblings. which is consist of my bigger brother, younger sister and younger brother. i’m resemble one of my uncle but somehow i deny it and make myself. i do notice that i pick up my dad’s traits more and more. my mum’s trait can be notice here and there but it’s not that obvious. once my mum told my dad, if you gather all of us in the morning and had breakfast in a coffee shop, you will laugh your ass off, gain the attention from other for don’t know what are we doing and people might thought you’re the eldest siblings among us all. i totally love them all.

my-instrumentmusic preference would be universal, anything will do but i prefer alternative rock. i wouldn’t say music is my life because i’m not really expert in this field but i do know i like rhythm. i can like feel the rhythm and cooperate with printer, my car engine which have harden mounting, CPU fan in my office [i quited my job]..etc. i like it. which one of the many reason i play a bass guitar. rhythm and harmony to what ever flow the world. *cough* *cough* i played around 6-7 months a year now. which quite okay for root playing and not arpeggio or any others. anyway, i was planning to get an electric bass guitar with an amplifier by July 2009. wish me luck!! i bought my Electric Bass guitar at the end of July 2009. model is GSR 395. although it’s just a budget model but it still rock my pants off. woohoo!!

camera shy

other people see me as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. they see me as clever, gifted or talented, but modest. i’m not a person who makes friends too quickly or too easily, but i am extremely loyal to the friends i make and who expects the same loyalty in return. even though i’m kinda mess up sometimes here and there. those who really get to know me realize that it takes a lot to shake my trust but, equally, that it takes me a long time to get over it if that trust is shaken. i’m never above, never below. i’m always around and running. all you have to do is just catch me. i’m not that hard to spot.

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