Wish List and To Do List

Simple Wish list just to keep track.

~Wish List~

Ibanez SRX360 BK

well, maybe this is the main target for second electric bass.

Ibanez SR700 CN

maybe when my old GSR395 WN retiring. i definitely need a new one right?

Spector ReBop4DLX FM Black Cherry

consider it as one of the price possession once i have it.

SpectorCore 4 Piezo

second as acoustic electric bass of mine.

Boss SYB-5

Synthesizer!! well, just to spice up my boring practice.

Boss ODB-3

overdrive!! just to compete with guitarist. hehee!!

Boss GEB-7

just in case when your settings are not compatible.

Jim Dunlop Wah – No. 105Q

when they don’t go wow, i make them ‘wah’. hahaa!!

~To Do List~

Learn at least 3 language

  • Japanese
  • British/American Sign Language
  • maybe German or Spanish or France

Relearn back all my Scales/Arpeggio

what else? my bass guitar.

A Slap for a Slap


2 Responses to “Wish List and To Do List”

  1. Ironically, I just traded my last Ibanez bass for a Spector Euro4LX.
    Go with the Spectors. The ReBop is on my purchase list.
    I have two Euro4lx and a vintage NS2. I just ordered a custom USA NS4 and the only thing left to do is try a Spector Bolt-on model.
    I love them. Spectors Rock.

  2. wow~!!
    i would love to own one but need to special order it since Spector are not very well known in my area.
    soon my friend.. after i can get my hands on some cash.. >:)

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